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                           South London Forecast for Sunday
       Perhaps thundery showers in morning; sunny spells in afternoon. 

Wind light, increasing moderate,  southwesterly.

 Maximum Temperature 22C/72F .

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Day Trips
The wooded area of Vann Lake is a particularly fine example of ancient woodland on Weald Clay surrounding an eight-acre lake and is a designated a Site of Special Scientific Interest.
Buxted is a village Wealden District of East Sussex. The parish is situated on the Weald, north of Uckfield. It used to be important because of the Wealden iron industry and later became commercially important in the poultry and egg industry.
Tenterden is a Cinque Port town in the Ashford District of Kent. It stands on the edge of the Weald, overlooking the valley of the River Rother.
A walk of about 5 km to the Inglis Memorial on Colley Hill starting at the Sportsman pub in Mogador
Robertsbridge is a village in East Sussex, England within the civil parish of Salehurst and Robertsbridge. It is approximately 10 miles (16 km) north of Hastings and 13 miles (21 km) south-east of Tunbridge Wells. The River Rother passes through the village. source: Wikipedia
There were no prepared walks available in this area so one was assembled using pavements and public footpaths. The 8km stroll through an urban and semi-urban environment was surprisingly interesting.
This was a 7km walk combining rural, urban and semi-urban landscapes around Ottershaw and Row Town, Surrey.
This pleasant 7km walk from encompassed the fields and woodlands around Norbury Park, north of Dorking on the opposite side of the valley from the popular Box Hill.
This was a 7km walk through an ancient village, along the Tillingbourne stream, and through open countryside with some excellent views. The walk was found at
Downside is a small village south of Cobham, Surrey in the River Mole valley. Here we did a 5 mile circular walk starting in Downside walking along the River Mole into a very varied countryside.
A tourist ferry trip on the Thames from the 'London Eye' provided the transport for this interesting day trip to the longitudinal zero.
Rotherfield lies halfway between Mayfield and Crowborough on top of a hill in an area of outstanding beauty. It is the source of the River Rother, which springs from a cellar in a house in the village, and the River Uck.
Most people go to Chessington to visit Chessington World of Adventure or Chessington Zoo, but there is more to Chessington ...
The village lies at the foot of the South Downs in East Sussex, between the Downs to the south and Lodge Hill to the north. The area offers excellent walks with stunning views. Ditchling Beacon one of the highest points of the South Downs is near the village.
Elstead is a village in Surrey, England, with shops and cottages mainly clustered around a central green, close to the River Wey.
Duncton village and parish is to the south of Petworth at the foot of the South Downs and is on the A285 Chichester road which hairpins out of the village to the summit of the Downs. The parking area near the top of Duncton Hill has panoramic views across the Rother Valley.
A 4 mile walk from Tower Hill tube station through St Katherine's Dock, Shadwell and Wapping finishing at Shadwell Station DLR.
After a meal at The Eight Bells in Bolney, a village in West Sussex dating from Saxon times, the intention was to take a 3 mile walk and then visit the Bookers vineyard. Unfortunately it was a Saturday when the vineyard is closed. Nevertheless, there was an interesting church dating from the 12th century, and some ancient leafy lanes to negotiate.
We took an easy 4 mile circular walk starting from the Horse & Castle in Cooling after having enjoyed a well prepared rabbit pie .The village church St James is no longer used for worship, but is open to visitors. In the churchyard there is a group of children's gravestones which are considered to have inspired Charles Dickens for his opening scene in the novel Great Expectations. Cooling Castle was built in 1381 but only part of the towers and walls remain. It is privatly owned and cannot be accessed.
Yalding is a small village between East Peckham and West Farleigh about 5 miles from Maidstone. The name is recorded in the Domesday book as the Saxon manor of Hallinges owned by Aldret, and that it was given to Richard de Tonbridge by William the Conqueror . The village was known as Gealding from the Anglo Saxon Ge meaning village, eald meaning old and ing, a parcel of land. The name had changed to Yaldinge by the time of the Civil War (1642 - 1648).
Tandridge is a village in Surrey between Oxted and Godstone and only a short drive from London. Tandridge appears in The Domesday Book of 1086 as Tenrige. It was held by the wife of Salie from Richard Fitz Gilbert. Its domesday assets were: 2 hides; 1 mill worth 4s 2d, 14 ploughs, 5 acres (20,000 m2) of meadow, woodland and herbage worth 51 hogs.
Severe overnight frosts and some chilly days left the lakes largely covered by ice. It was too thick for the birds to penetrate, but too thin to skate on. However, an oasis of open water remained for the birds.
The cathedral was founded in 597 AD. The Archbishop Thomas Beckett was murdered there in 1170 AD and since then it has attracted thousands of pilgrims. It is the Mother Church of the Anglican Communion and seat of the Archbishop of Canterbury.
Vintage London Bus Service 10th August 2008 The 50th anniversary of the withdrawal of London's first red bus route operated by low-bridge double-deck buses, needed on route 127. (low bridge at Worcester Park)
Covent Garden is a vibrant entertainment centre worth visiting.
The 43 hectare London Wetland Centre is the best urban site in Europe to watch wildlife, an international award winning visitor attraction and a Site of Special Scientific Interest.

Latest Monthly Review
Very dry, in a month of variable temperatures.

Greater London Averages
The earliest source of regular weather data from Greater London was from the Royal Observatory at Greenwich. Daily observations were undertaken from 1841 until the 1990s. The photograph (taken in 2011) shows the area, originally grassed, where temperature and rainfall readings were made daily for decades.
This site is run by the Hampstead Scientific Society and has a continuous record dating back to 1909. The data have been obtained from
Detailed weather observations were made at Kew from 1841 until 1980. After the closure of the observing site, limited data have been collected daily by Richmond Council.
Wood Pigeon reducing the rainfall during an August shower.
A typical garden setting in this Surrey suburb bordering on Wimbledon has provided a continuous record of temperature, rainfall and weather conditions since July 1988.

Weather Reviews 2013
Mild early and late but some wintry weather in between.
Cold and dry with frequent northeasterly winds.
Very cold, the coldest for 51 years, and wet.
Cold, and in the early part of the month quite wintry.
Very cool, cloudy and damp.
Very warm and dry. The first warmer than average month of the year.
Rather wet but fairly warm, the warmest for 9 years.
Rather cool with a wet second week.
Very mild and rather wet with a notable autumn gale.
Colder than average November and very wet at first.
Very wet, mild and often windy.

Warm days, cold days; wet days, dry days. Here are the best and worst days, on average, over the years.
Many people are complaining about the poor summer weather this year (2011), and compared with recent years it is fairly indifferent. However, since 1900 there have been several very bad Summers.
Thunderstorms developed widely across Eastern England during the late afternoon and evening of the 15th June bringing localised torrential rain and flooding.
One symbol is seldom sufficient to describe the weather that occurs over several hours. The symbols below try to provide the closest representation of the expected forecast conditions.
The weather turned wintery again on Saturday morning. Snow fell quickly and settled to about 10 cm depth in the South London area. Here are a few scenes from Cannon Hill Common.
Media interest in winter has begun early this year, and with every year the sensationalism abounds and the colourful language used to describe relatively unremarkable weather events increases. This article describes, hopefully in sober terms, the coldest Decembers since the beginning of the last century.
In this part of London it has been notably dry so far this Spring, although one heavy thunderstorm could quickly change that. March proved to be the 16th driest in South London since 1900, not exceptional when taken alone, but with April days running out, the 2 month total is begiinning to look on the low side.
There are very few weather forecasts that do not include the words rain or showers. Most forecasts include both. Here is an attempt to clarify their meanings.

News Clips
In this part of London it looks as if the snow that greeted us this morning gave the greatest depth since December 1962 and that brought everyone out into the park.
The 'Whitsun' Bank Holiday Weekend was one of the coldest and wettest on record in the London area.
Summer in London will be remembered for the lack of any hot days in June and July, the severe thunderstorms and heavy rain during July, and the persistently dull weather during August

From Year 1900
Snow occurred on several occasions during 2001 but it rarely covered the ground in London
In the year that terrorism hit the USA with attacks that included the destruction of the 'Twin Towers' in New York, the UK New Labour party won its second successive General Election, and apple started marketing the iPod. In the world of music, Atomic Kitten and Kylie Minogue each spent 4 weeks at number One in the UK charts.
In the year that the Euro took over from the Peseta as the Spanish currency, Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother died aged 101, and Switzerland joined the United Nations. In the music world, the charts were dominated by Enrique Inglesias (the son of 1981 hit-parader Julio Inglesias) with 'Hero'; and the late Elvis Presley who had his 18th hit with 'A little less conversation.'
In the year of the American led invasion of Iraq, the last of the original style Volkswagon Beetles were manufactured in Mexico, and the Concorde aircraft made its final commercial flight. In the music world, Black Eyed Peas with 'Where is the Love' was the biggest selling band during 2003. The Los Angeles 'Rappers' were number 1 in the charts for 6 weeks during the autumn.
In the year that 10 new countries join the EU, including Malta and Cyprus, the Crown Prince of Denmark married an Australian, and Michael Schumacher becomes the most successful Formula One driver of all time after winning his 7th title. The Christmas Holiday was marred by the tsunami which killed over 200,000 people in countries bordering the Indian Ocean. In the music world the death was announced of DJ John Peel.
In the year that Pope John Paul the Second died, Prince Charles married Camilla Parker Bowles and New Labour were voted in by the UK electorate to govern the country for a third term. In the music world, Tony Christie re-released his 1971 hit 'Is this the way to Amarillo' and topped the British charts for 7 weeks.
In the year that the former Yugoslav President, Slobodan Milosevic died in prison at The Hague, Montenegro gained independence from Serbia, the former President of Iraq, Saddam Hussein, was executed in Baghdad, Queen Elizabeth celebrated her 80th birthday; and childhood obesity was forecast to double in 4 years. In the world of music, Gnarls Barkley was top of the charts for 9 weeks with 'Crazy'.
In the year that Nicolas Sarkozy was elected French President, the tea clipper vessel, Cutty Sark, was badly damaged by fire in Greenwich, London; and Gordon Brown succeeded Tony Blair as leader of the governing Labour Party in Britain. In the world of music, Rihanna, with Umbrella, spent 10 weeks topping the UK charts, but the best selling single was Bleeding Love by Leona Lewis which topped the hit parade for 7 weeks.
In the year that Fidel Castro, the President of Cuba, resigned and was replaced by his brother Raul; Barack Obama was elected 44th President of the United States; and after 41 years at sea, the passenger liner QE2 embarked on its last voyage. In the world of music: the best-selling single was Hallelujah by Alexandra Burke, and Madonna had her 13th number one hit.
From Year 1900


News archive
The month of February was neatly split into two halves. The first fortnight of the month was cold and wet with significant snowfall; the last two weeks were mild and dry. Statistically, the first two weeks were dominant with the month ending up rather cold and rather wet.
The driest March for 5 years, but generally the month was close to average.
A dry month and the third warmest since 1900. In this area, only the Aprils of 1943 and 2007 were warmer.
A dry month, the driest May for 11 years, with temperatures slightly above normal
Rather dry with above average temperatures.
There were only 5 completely dry days during this changeable, wet and rather cool month.
It was the driest August for 6 years and the warmest August for 5 years.
A dry, anticyclonic month with no measurable rain after the 15th. It was the driest September in South London for 5 years.
Mild and dry. The driest October for 6 years.
Extremely wet - The second wettest November, behind 1940, for at least 110 years; and the second wettest of all months at this site (started 1988) behind October 2000. A very mild November - Only the Novembers of 1938 and 1994 have been milder during the last 110 years.
Cold and rather wet. The coldest December since 2001 and the wettest since 2002.
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