Change in the

Change in the European and Global Landscape

In the year the Euro made its debut, changes were sweeping across the world. Countries like Hungary, Poland, and the Czech Republic were now members of NATO. Macau's history took a turn as Portugal handed it to China. But, perhaps most notably, Russia saw Boris Yeltsin replaced by Vladimir Putin. Music? Westlife dominated the UK charts.

A Dance of Storms and Snow

Scotland's Winter Curtain:
Scotland was trapped under a sheet of snow from the 5th to the 11th. Aberdeen's airport measured 27cm of snow, causing disruptions to the region's transportation.

Thunder's Roar in July:
Sible Hedingham in Essex felt nature's wrath. A violent thunderstorm produced 122mm of rain, leading to flooding.

Wind's Wrath in December:
Severe winds roared in December, hitting Denmark and Sweden on the 4th and then moving to France and Switzerland on the 26th and 28th. The aftermath? Over 80 lives lost, and around 200 million trees uprooted.

London's Climate Chronicles
The capital recorded a mean temperature of 11.9°C with 695.8mm of rainfall. While sunshine bathed the city for 1813 hours, the temperature ranged from the warmest at 31.3°C to the coldest at -5.8°C.

Monthly Weather Beat

January's Jive:
It was wet and warmer than usual, but with a fair share of sunshine. Temperatures peaked at 15.3°C and went as low as -3.7°C. The 22nd stood out, shrouded in fog and chilling at 2.4°C.

February's Flicker:
While sunny, temperatures hovered around the norm. The 4th was mild, but the 7th ushered in cold that lasted a week. But by mid-month, mildness returned.

March's Moods:
Mostly dry and mild, with plenty of sun. The temperature hit 20°C on the 17th, marking a significant rise. April's Ambiance: Despite intermittent rain, April saw temperatures mostly above the norm. The 1st and 30th were notably warm. May's Melodies: The month was generally warm. Rain was sporadic but heavy, especially during thunderstorms. June's Journey: Wet yet sunny. Though the weather was mostly cool, the 16th and 26th were exceptions with the temperature nearing 27°C. July's Joy: Sunny and hot. Rain was a rarity, and temperatures frequently flirted with the 30s. August's Alteration: Warm days opened the month, but as days passed, temperatures began to dwindle. Thunderstorms were more common, especially before the 19th. September's Swing: While the beginning was warm and sunny, rain became a daily visitor after the 13th. Thundershowers increased the rain tally. October's Oscillation: Sun dominated most days. Temperatures swung from chilly nights to mild days. Thunderstorms brought more rain by the month's end. November's Narrative: Mild with a generous dose of sunshine. Rain was frequent but scanty, with a rare thunderstorm on the 16th. December's Dance: Wet and sunny in turns. Fluctuating temperatures made for an interesting close to the year. Snow made its rare appearance amidst the rain. Such was the year in weather - a dance of sunshine and storms, warmth and chill, in a world that kept changing its rhythm.

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